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Just four days after celebrating her 50th birthday and seemingly in perfect health, Julie Randall suffered a sudden and severe seizure at her workplace. Rushed to hospital, scans revealed she had an malignant brain tumour and several other tumours were found in her vital organs.

Julie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Advanced Melanoma (Cancer). She was told there was ‘NO CURE’ and given a short life expectancy.

Julie and her devoted husband Scott then searched the globe for answers. Her journey took her to the other side of her world, far away from family and friends to search for a way to survive this ‘incurable disease’. Time was not on her side, but she promised her two teenage daughters that she would find a way to fix it.

Julie’s story is one of despair, disbelief, frustration as well as an unwavering love, devotion, human kindness and believe it or not… adventure!

Julie is a survivor, proving that extraordinary things can happen. She has now completely transformed her life, written a best selling book. Her story was published by Hachette Australia, titled ‘Patient 71’