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Script Completed – Written by Matt Nable

Tommy Burgess, a successful thirty-something author, is fighting a losing battle with cancer.

As he deteriorates to half the man he was, Tommy decides to stop the fight. His only wish is to have all his family to lunch before he dies. But for the Burgess family that is not an easy request. Three years ago, Tommy told his wife, two kids and his extended family that he is gay. He then left his wife and moved in with his lover, leaving a trail of damage behind him that has still not been resolved. The Burgess family has never been together since that day.

In the tradition of “IN THE BEDROOM,” A SUNDAY IN THE VILLAGE is a family based drama that has an unequivocal look at how one person’s decision can have an everlasting effect on those that they care most about. Emotions are explosive as each of the family is forced to explore their feelings about themselves and one another, learning valuable lessons and moving on in their own way.

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Matt Nable is the writer: Matt’s IMDB Profile can be found here