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Script Completed July, 2021.

In 1988, while out on a training ride for a triathlon, a truck crashed into athlete John Maclean. The impact resulted in John suffering multiple breaks to his pelvis and back, a fractured sternum, punctured lungs, a broken arm and left him a paraplegic.

Rather than give up, John went on to achieve the unthinkable from swimming the English Channel and completing the Hawaiian Ironman to participating in the Olympics and Paralympics. it took astonishing courage and determination, but somehow this near-fatal accident was the making of him.

John never thought he would walk again. But 25 years later, John astounded the medical world by redefining the possibilities for people with spinal cord injuries, by walking again!

In 2014, John finally got to complete the triathlon he was training for all those years earlier – with his wife and son by his side.

This is an epic story of one man’s determination to meet all odds! Based on the book, “How Far Can You Go?” by John Maclean.

Sunstar have partnered with Story Bridge Films to adapt the story into a feature film.