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Tara Winkler was just 19 years old when she set off on a trip to Cambodia that would change her life forever. On this trip, she visited an orphanage where the children were living in abject poverty. Compelled to help, Tara raised much-needed funds to support the orphanage, but eventually discovered that the funds were being embezzled and the children were suffering gross neglect and abuse. Tara couldn’t turn her back on the children, so she set up a new orphanage to rescue the children and give them a safe, new home.

Shockingly, Tara came to discover that most of the children she had rescued were not actually orphans and that despite her good intentions, setting up an orphanage was actually a part of a huge problem. But she didn’t give up. She transformed the orphanage into an organisation that’s now receiving international recognition for its groundbreaking work in child protection.

Twelve years on, and many challenges later, Tara has become a passionate anti-orphanage activist, exposing the global crisis that’s causing millions of children to be separated from family and institutionalised. The Holistic Family-Based Care model Tara has developed with her team at the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) is now being scaled as the national solution to keep children in families, offering new hope for thousands of children and their families.

An inspirational true story of triumph over adversity, based on the book “How (not) To Start An Orphanage,” Sunstar have partnered with Aquarius Films to adapt the book into a feature film.

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