Continuing a passion to produce films based on true Australian events, Sunstar Entertainment has optioned the remarkable true story of athlete John Maclean.

John was hit by an 8 tonne truck while training for a triathlon on his bike in 1988. He suffered multiple breaks to his pelvis and back, a fractured sternum, punctured lungs and a broken arm, which left him a paraplegic.

Somehow, this near fatal accident, was the making of him.

Although he feared he would never walk again, rather than give up he swam the English Channel, completed the Hawaiian Ironman and represented Australia in rowing at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

25 years later, John astounded the medical world and in 2014 he got to complete the triathlon he was training for all those years earlier – with his wife and son by his side.

Sunstar CEO Andrew Fraser has known John Maclean for 20 years and bumped into him recently at a fundraiser.

“John and I got chatting and when he found out about our business model at Sunstar, he started telling me about all the interest he’s had in the USA following some speaking gigs he did over there. John is such an inspirational guy and his story is phenomenal, so it was no surprise to hear plenty of companies wanted to option his rights – so I’m pleased he chose us,” Fraser said.

“We look forward to working closely with John and bringing his incredible story to life on the big screen.”

John’s upcoming book, ‘How Far Can You Go’ which be released in 2016 and will chronicle his journey to become an elite wheelchair athlete and to walk again.

The turning point came in 2013 when John approached neurophysics therapist Ken Ware, who put him through the ‘WareK Health Trigger Process.’

Since 1998 John has had his own charitable foundation which provides support and assistance to Australian wheelchair users under the age of 18 – The John Maclean Foundation.

This is Sunstar’s fourth project based on a true Australian story, following LION, TRUE SPIRIT and HICKS – INMATE 002.