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Sunstar acquire, develop and produce inspiring true stories, for a wide variety of audiences. Our feature film slate includes five inspirational and intriguing true stories. We strive to bring these stories to the screen in the most creative, innovative and emotive way possible, whilst maximising the commercial potential of each project for our partners.


The rebates on offer in Australia, make it a very attractive option for producers, financiers and investors. 


Producer Offset: The Producer Offset is a rebate on the qualifying costs of making an Australian film. The rebate is worth up to 40% on feature films. The value of the Offset is calculated, based on a project’s qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE). A project’s QAPE is a subset of the production expenditure on the film.


SAC: To qualify for the Producer Offset, a film must pass a SAC (Significant Australian Content) test. The more SAC criteria the film meets, the more likely a film will be deemed Australian. Each film on Sunstar’s slate, passes the SAC test, each offering substantial Producer Offset rebates.


Provisional Certificates: The system of issuing Offset Provisional Certificates before the film is produced, means the return to the producer/financier is predictable and certain.  






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In Development.


Tara Winkler was just 19 years old when she set off on a trip to Cambodia that would change her life forever. On this trip, she visited an orphanage where the children were living in abject poverty. Compelled to help, Tara raised much-needed funds to support the orphanage, but eventually discovered that the funds were being embezzled and the children were suffering gross neglect and abuse. Tara couldn’t turn her back on the children, so she set up a new orphanage to rescue the children and give them a safe, new home.

Shockingly, Tara came to discover that most of the children she had rescued were not actually orphans and that despite her good intentions, setting up an orphanage was actually a part of a huge problem. But she didn’t give up. She transformed the orphanage into an organisation that’s now receiving international recognition for its groundbreaking work in child protection.

Ten years on, and many challenges later, Tara has become a passionate anti-orphanage activist, exposing the global crisis that's causing millions of children to be separated from family and institutionalised. The Holistic Family-Based Care model Tara has developed with her team at the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) is now being scaled as the national solution to keep children in families, offering new hope for thousands of children and their families.

An inspirational true story of triumph over adversity, based on the book “How (not) To Start An Orphanage.”

+ TEDxSydney 2016 Talk | Why We Need to End the Era of Orphanages

+ ABC Australian Story 'The House of Tara' | 2014 documentary

+ 60 Minutes story | 2016 report

+ Cambodian Children's Trust

+ Book | 'How (Not) to Start an Orphanage... by a woman who did’ -


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In Development.


In 1988, while out on a training ride for a triathlon, a truck crashed into athlete John Maclean. The impact resulted in John suffering multiple breaks to his pelvis and back, a fractured sternum, punctured lungs, a broken arm and left him a paraplegic.


Rather than give up, John went on to achieve the unthinkable from swimming the English Channel and completing the Hawaiian Ironman to participating in the Olympics and Paralympics. it took astonishing courage and determination, but somehow this near-fatal accident was the making of him.


John never thought he would walk again. But 25 years later, John astounded the medical world by redefining the possibilities for people with spinal cord injuries, by walking again! 


In 2014, John finally got to complete the triathlon he was training for all those years earlier - with his wife and son by his side.


This is an epic story of one man's determination to meet all odds! Based on the book, “How Far Can You Go?” by John Maclean




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Script Completed – Written By Larry Buttrose 


A true story, based on the book Guantanamo, My Journey, by David Hicks.


David Hicks’ life changed forever after the September 11 attacks in 2001 whilst he was in Pakistan. He became the first Australian and the second ever inmate in the infamous US military camp, Guantanamo Bay. He was tortured and spent five and a half years in Guantanamo Bay, without ever being charged. But what did he really do?


Was he a terrorist? A traitor? A fool? Or was he just a human being who made some poor choices.


For 5 years, his father Terry, his Australian Lawyer Stephen Kenny and US Attorney Dan Mori struggled against the US legal system and the Australian government to free David. In 2006 desperate to come home, David signed the now outlawed “Alford Plea.”


In July 2012, the Australian Government, via the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), dropped all charges. In 2015, the US Courts quashed the single conviction. In February 2016, the UN announced the

Australian Government had breached the human rights of David Hicks, by detaining him in Gauntanamo. 


“HICKS - Inmate 002” is a story that needs to be told. 



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Just four days after celebrating her 50th birthday and seemingly in perfect health, Julie Randall suffered a sudden and severe seizure at her workplace. Rushed to hospital, scans revealed she had an malignant brain tumour and several other tumours were found in her vital organs.


Julie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Advanced Melanoma (Cancer). She was told there was ‘NO CURE’ and given a short life expectancy.


Julie and her devoted husband Scott then searched the globe for answers. Her journey took her to the other side of her world, far away from family and friends to search for a way to survive this ‘incurable disease’. Time was not on her side, but she promised her two teenage daughters that she would find a way to fix it.


Julie’s story is one of despair, disbelief, frustration as well as an unwavering love, devotion, human kindness and believe it or not… adventure!


Julie is a survivor, proving that extraordinary things can happen. She has now completely transformed her life, written a book and her story will be released in July 2017, titled ‘Patient 71’


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Script Completed – Written by Matt Nable


Tommy Burgess, a successful thirty-something author, is fighting a losing battle with cancer.


As he deteriorates to half the man he was, Tommy decides to stop the fight. His only wish is to have all his family to lunch before he dies. But for the Burgess family that is not an easy request. Three years ago, Tommy told his wife, two kids and his extended family that he is gay. He then left his wife and moved in with his lover, leaving a trail of damage behind him that has still not been resolved. The Burgess family has never been together since that day.


In the tradition of "IN THE BEDROOM," A SUNDAY IN THE VILLAGE is a family based drama that has an unequivocal look at how one person's decision can have an everlasting effect on those that they care most about. Emotions are explosive as each of the family is forced to explore their feelings about themselves and one another, learning valuable lessons and moving on in their own way.


Matt Nable is the writer/actor, who will play the lead of Tommy: His IMDB Profile can be found here



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